What is Travel Bloggers Link-up Party and how can I join?

What is Travel Bloggers Link-up Party and how can I join? | Mexatia

Exciting news! We decided to host a link-up party! If you have no idea what that is or how it works, you should stay with us for a while. If you already know everything about it and you are a travel blogger who likes to share its content and build up its SEO, please join us in Travel Bloggers Link-up Party Facebook group.

What is a link up?

A blog link-up or a link-up party happens when the blog author invites the readers and fellow bloggers to share their blog links on the same theme. That’s how the author becomes a blog party host. When you attend the party and leave your link, you are expanding your audience, improving your SEO and, of course, your content has more chances to be read and (or) shared on social media. For readers, parties like this are great because they can easily find new reads on the desired topic.

Why do I want to participate in link-ups?

As we already mentioned earlier, linking your posts to other blogs will bring you more traffic, expand your audience, improve your SEO stats but it will also introduce you to new blogs and you will get loyal readership. Maybe you will become a good friend with another blogger, do some guest posts or even get a job – the possibilities are endless. 

What is Travel Bloggers Link-up Party and how can I join? | Mexatia

How to join this lovely link-up?

~ To begin with, join our Travel Bloggers Link-up Party Facebook group. There you will have the opportunity to meet other lovely travel bloggers, choose monthly link-up themes and exchange content and comments.

~ Add the link back to the original hosting post at the end of your post. Please note, you will not be able to add the link which does not contain the backlink. However, it will be double checked and posts without a link back will be removed! If you do not know how to do it, scroll down to the “How to and why add a link back in my post” section.

~ If you like, you can add the button below to your post. It will just make our community more recognizable, but it is not obligatory.

Travel Bloggers Link-up Party

~ Link up your travel related, themed post. Link-ups will be open from 1st of the month until the last day of the each month. 

~ Visit, comment and share links from fellow bloggers who participated in the link-up. When you leave a link, you must read the post which was linked ahead of yours and leave a comment. The first person comments on Mexatia’s post and I will do so for the last one each month. Other comments and shares are voluntary but highly appreciated. 

~ Use the hashtag #TravelBloggersParty or #TBparty when sharing on social media.

~ And last, but not least – spread the word about the link-up and the group and come back every month!

The rules of Travel Bloggers Link-up Party

The Party will occur once a month, at least in the beginning. It will start every 1st of the month and you will have time until the end of the month to share your link.

If you add your link, you must comment on at least the post linked ahead of yours. What is the point of creating a community where you will not get any views or shares? Think about it that way and, please, read and share other’s content.

What is Travel Bloggers Link-up Party and how can I join? | Mexatia

How to and why add the link back in my post?

The link back is basically a way how to say thank you to the host for advertising your post on their site, improve yours and host’s SEO and direct your readers to the posts similar to yours. In the end, they are all following the same theme, right?

So, how should you link back? Simply add the following text at the end of your post which participates in the link-up: “Linking back to ____” (link to the site of the host’s post, NOT a homepage). You can also be creative and add “I was invited to a travel bloggers party and Mexatia was a great host!”, or anything you wish, just make sure you link it back.

Make sure you add a permalink (a link to a specific post, for example, the permalink for this post is http://mexatia.com/travel-bloggers-link-up-party). You should not link the general or home page, in this case just http://mexatia.com because that will do no good.

How to add my post to a link-up?

~ Visit the host’s post – for December 2016 that would be Christmas Traditions in Croatia. When you scroll down to the end of the post, you will notice a blue button inviting you to add your link, right after the invitation like this:

What is Travel Bloggers Link-up Party and how can I join? | Mexatia

~ Click on the button and follow the instructions – you need to add a link to a specific blog post, add the title, your email and choose a thumbnail. 

~ Visit other links and say thanks to your host! ūüôā


Do you already participate in some link-ups? Share your recommendations and tips!


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