Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen! May this year be the best one so far for you and your table be always full of cookies! Together with lots of hugs, warm hearts, and good health, that’s all you need. Welcome, 2016!

A few days back, when we were saying how awesome our 2015 was, we still had no idea what are we going to do for New Year’s Eve. I was working afternoon shift and we knew we would not have lots of time to get ready for New Year’s Eve so we decided to walk around the city center and go ice skating at midnight. We already mentioned awesome Ice Park we have in Zagreb and exactly that was our choice! We dressed well, grabbed a glass of mulled wine and put on the skates. We literally slid into a new 2016!

At midnight, we had a glass of champagne and ate 12 pieces of grapes, as per Mexican New Year’s tradition. With each strike of the clock at midnight, you should eat (or I should better say swallow – because you have no time to chew) one grape and make a wish, a promise or a resolution. Since we were outside and we didn’t even realize it’s midnight already until 10 seconds before, we ate them right after the midnight. Good intentions always count, right?

12-grapes Welcome 2016: One day at a time

12 grapes tradition (photo credit)

Since those wishes / promises should be a secret, we are not going to reveal them (at least not all), but we are going to share our main goals and wishes for 2016. 

Jaime, who almost never reads, this year decided to read at least 6 books. It is not a lot, but more than good for a start! The book he already started to read a couple of months back is going to be the one he is going to finish the first. I bought him lovely novel named The Goldsmith’s treasure from which he can learn a lot about Zagreb, its history and old customs. It was a very first Croatian historical novel and it is one of the first classics translated into English. It is a tale of a forbidden love between goldsmith’s daughter and a nobleman and it is full of passion, intrigues and plots in medieval Zagreb.

Maja, who never drives and who’s driving licence used to be only a decoration in her wallet, is determined to start driving this year. The first step will be to get a new driving licence because the old one is no more valid after her last name changed. I think I will start during the spring when the weather is going to be nice and the roads safer. Since I haven’t drive for.. well almost never 😀 it will take a while for me to learn how to trust myself and get some confidence as a driver.

2016-01-03-09.19.33 Welcome 2016: One day at a time

Current weather © Mexatia

Jaime wants to visit three new countries this year, but Maja thinks, unfortunately, it would not be possible this year. We were talking about trying to visit Mexico somewhere at the end of the year, and Maja would like to combine it with Cuba. If we will need to stay in Europe, then it would be cool to come back to some of the cities we both love, Berlin or Madrid. Jaime wants to run a marathon in one of them too. When we talk about running, he plans to run 1500 km this year and he already started the competition with friends. He is super excited about it, the only problem is the fact outside is a snow storm and he is totally not used to it. Hopefully, the forecast for following days will be more running friendly.

Maja will start to dance Zumba again! Started in Mexico and fell in love with it, but somehow forgot about it afterwards. I exercise with Zumba World Party for Xbox and Kinect. I love it because it is fun, you can see and feel the results relatively fast and you can sing out loud all the time! Did I mention how fun is it? 🙂 I will do my best to exercise again at least three times a week.

zumba Welcome 2016: One day at a time

Zumba World Party (photo credit)

To be clear, those are only our *wishes*. The world is not going to stop if we fail to do any of it. We are going to use them only as a guidance to improve some things in this new year. If not, we will always have another chance next year, right? 🙂

What are you going to try to improve this year?