Last year I spent the whole winter in Dubai. The temperature of 20 – 25°C, different culture, and no family around made me feel like Grinch really did steal Christmas. I spent the holidays working because I could not stand the idea of being locked in the room alone, without presents, tree, cakes and anyone to share the joy with. I basically did not have Christmas at all, as well as winter. I thought warm weather all year long would make me happy, but when I saw pictures of snow in Zagreb right after Christmas, I realized I miss so many winter related things. That’s why this year I am particularly looking forward to holidays and winter in total. This are also first holidays together for Jaime and me! I am trying to do as much as holiday-ish things with him and we are trying to establish some of the traditions. We already bought some decorations and I cannot wait for the smell of cakes to be felt all around the house. 

Don’t allow yourself to stay locked in the house when the temperature goes down. Here are some of the activities you can do with your better half to make this winter warmer.

Write letter to Santa and send Christmas cards

No, you are never too old! Sit and write down your wishes. After opening the presents, you can read each other’s letter and see did you guess any of your partner’s wishes. Also, buy Christmas cards and send it to close family and friends. This year we bought some cute cards and we want to bring back the tradition of sending them. Last time I did it when I was a kid and I think it is a nicer way to wish all the best than SMS or What’s App. The cards are already on their way and we hope they will put a smile on people’s faces.

DSC_1521 Best winter activities for couples: How to enjoy winter in two

Christmas cards © Mexatia

Watch a Christmas movie

Or lots of them! Every year Croatian TV houses show Home Alone 1 and 2. This year we were faster and we already watched both. Is there anything better than cuddling with your better half under a warm blanket, with a cup of hot cocoa in your hand? I can’t wait to watch all Christmas movies I can remember all December long!

Decorate house for Christmas

December is here and you can finally decorate all around! As I already said, this year I bought the material and made two advent wreaths, we bought new Christmas lights and some other lighting decoration. There are lots of things you can do together. Put on the lights, make Christmas stockings or make paper Christmas trees

DSC_1535 Best winter activities for couples: How to enjoy winter in two

Christmas stockings © Mexatia

Go window shopping

Cities are beautiful in this period! Of course, we cannot afford to shop all the time, but we can stroll around the city and enjoy all those lovely decorated windows. Even just a walk around the shopping mall can lift your mood in a second. Golden and red decorations, Christmas songs playing all around and the delicious smell of sausages. Ideal to give a hug to your couple and share your ideas about dream presents, vacations and holiday traditions. You can also search for some winter accessories like gloves for smartphones or warm scarves to heat up yourselves while strolling around.

Go ice skating

Since last year Zagreb has a wonderful and huge ice skating rink in the heart of the city. Right in the middle of the main train station and Art Pavilion, you can practice your skating skills, surrounded by lots of people, popular music, and lovely decoration. Almost every city has a rink (even Dubai hehe) so for the small amount of money you can rent out the skates and receive a great amount of fun! In order not to fall down, hold your darling’s hand strongly. 🙂 

DSC_1517 Best winter activities for couples: How to enjoy winter in two

Zagreb’s Ice Park © Mexatia

Make homemade mulled wine

Mulled wine wins out when it comes to best winter drink. Aromatic, fragrant and delicious wine spiced up with all kinds of spices can warm you up in a second. Almost every Sunday, my dad used to cook the wine and soon it became our winter trademark. You can have fun with your couple adding up different spices and trying different kinds of wine. And of course, who says you need to stop after a glass or two. 🙂

Visit Christmas markets

December is an excellent month to visit most of the European cities! Almost every city has a Christmas market and lots of things going on around the city. You can spend a nice evening with your better half, walk around and enjoy decorated city centers. Grab a glass of mulled wine and some winter food to heat up yourself. You can attend some concert, go ice skating or just enjoy the company of your loved one. And while some cities like Vienna or Berlin have well-known Christmas markets, Zagreb is getting better and better each year. With lots of innovations, it is for sure a great place to visit in December.

DSC_1484 Best winter activities for couples: How to enjoy winter in two

Advent in Zagreb © Mexatia

Make angels in snow

This year (hopefully) is going to be the first time Jaime is going to see snow falling! He went snowboarding and saw snow on the ground, but he never saw it falling from the sky. I can’t wait for it to happen so I can take him out to make angels in snow and start a snowball fight. You can do the same with your love, just get well dressed before. 🙂

See a hockey game

Is there any more winter-ish sport than hockey that you can enjoy like a spectator? If your city has a hockey club, the lazy weekend afternoon can be easily turned into super fun sports date! Grab some popcorn, beer and t-shirt of your favorite team and cheer. 

hockey Best winter activities for couples: How to enjoy winter in two

Zagreb’s team Medvescak hockey game © Mexatia

Try winter sports

If you prefer to participate, not only to watch – you can also try to play hockey, go snowboarding, skiing or at least sledding. For sure you have some hill or mountain around, check their offer and plan a weekend outside. You can always rent a gear and find something you will like. What’s matter is the amount of fun you will have with your loved one.

How do you like to spend time with your other half during the winter?


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best-winter-activities Best winter activities for couples: How to enjoy winter in two