6 websites you should know about when flying

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There are many websites which can be really helpful when you are booking a trip, packing the luggage or preparing for a flight. Today, I decided to share my favorite six websites dedicated to the flights which helped me many times during the trip preparation.

6 websites you should know about when flying

1) Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the most popular travel search engines. You can search for plane tickets, rent-a-car, and hotels. The site is translated into more than 30 languages and you can change currencies and countries what means it can be customized nicely. What I love the most about Skyscanner is that it offers the ability to search for the tickets in a month or even a year period so it’s easy to find the cheapest ticket.

If the passport in your pocket is bothering you and you do not know where to go, in a field “from” you can enter the city or country you want to fly from and to a destination put “everywhere”. The search result will be a list of countries that are connected to your destination with the lowest fares in the selected period.

Advice plus: always check the price on other sites (like Hopper App, Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, Hipmunk) and official airline sites because prices can vary a lot. 

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia 

2) Seat Guru

On Seat Guru, you can type in the airline name and flight number in order to receive a pictorial overview of the aircraft with a seating plan, the images added by the passengers, an airline information and a list of in-flight amenities. However, don’t believe really everything what people write because they stated I will have a personal TV, electricity, and WIFI in my last fight to Mexico and.. well, there was no even TV.

The site is very helpful when purchasing a ticket and when you can choose your seat because here you can get the information what are the best seats, how much legroom will you have etc. Green seats are named the best on the plane, yellow have some bad comments and red are marked as the worst. Comments about the each seat can be seen by putting the cursor over it.

Seat Guru offers much more than just information about the aircraft and its features. You can search for the flights, get a variety of useful tips on air travel, compare companies and many other things.

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

3) iFlyBags

iFlyBags is a great site for everybody who has problems with overpacking or if you want to double check your luggage allowances. After entering the flight data, you will see the baggage restrictions and how much you should pay for extra baggage (it can be another bag, a dog or a bicycle). When you see that “just one more pair of shoes” can cost about 50€, you will probably pack more rational.

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

4) Airline Meals

Airline Meals is offering you and opportunity to see what the airplane food looks like. The passengers upload their own pictures of food served on planes and that can be an excellent preparation for the flight. Airplane food is often not the tastiest one and the advice that you do not fly hungry would be one of the best you will ever get. Find your airline and see what they served recently.

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

5) Check My Trip

Check My Trip is one of my favorite sites. By entering the booking number and your surname you’ll get flight details such as flight number, time of departure and landing, aircraft and others. It is very handy for checking whether the flight may be delayed or canceled.

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

6) Flight Diary

Flight Diary helps you track your flights by entering flight details such as date, flight number, departure city and destination, travel reasons, seat number, flight class and other. Data is stored in the database and you can see the complete statistics: the number of kilometers traveled, the time spent in the air, which day in a week you usually fly… It is practical, interesting and useful. And I love to play with it.

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia

6 websites you should know about when flying | Mexatia 

 Do you use any of this sites? Which are your favorites?


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18 Discussion to this post

  1. Nice collections and listing of air travel online resources.

  2. Abigail says:

    Most of these websites we have used at Global Girl Travels, but there are a few ones that I just heard of. I should definitely be checking these out.

  3. ckaway says:

    I have used a few of these but am thankful you listed some new ones. With everyone taking pictures of their food these days, I am sure contributions to the Airline Meals website have increased making it a great resource for a preview of your airline food. Since it is coming up on the end of the year, I shall try Flight Diary for my 2017 travels 🙂

    • Flights Diary is amazing – I am documenting every single flight since 2011 and it has been lots of fun seeing where I went, how was it etc. Try it, definitely!

  4. Great post! I hadn’t even heard of some of these.. I didn’t know there was an app to check what the airplane food looks like. Haha. That might come in handy, as I’ve experienced starving myself at the airport only to find out the food on the plane was uneatable – or eaten awful food at the airport when the airplane food actually turned out to be quite alright.

    • Uhhh I always eat before taking a flight, because, in my opinion, plane food can be only bad or worse. It is good to check before what you can expect.

  5. Wow what a great post! I always use Skyscanner but have never heard of iBag website! will check that one out!!

  6. Thanks for the tips, I should check them. We only use sky scanner from these and I am pretty satisfied with it 🙂

  7. I didnt know about seat guru…seems lika useful site. Skyscanner is my favourite though. Have you explored Momondo though…I quite like it!

  8. Neha says:

    very informative post. I knew some of these but not all. Now, I know how to make an informed decision next time I book a flight.

  9. kayla says:

    Oh my god! Can you believe I have only heard of Sky Scanner!? Checking all of these out asap! Amazing thank you!!!

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