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Welcome to the Kingdom of Mexatia, our little universe. To begin with, we would like to explain what Mexatia is. The name itself is composed of names of our countries, MEX-ico and Cro-ATIA.

Back in the days when we were in long distance relationship, we were trying to find a right word to describe the world we were creating for ourselves. So Mexatia was born. Completely new word for completely new us.

We are Maja & Jaime.

International couple trying to keep alive this travel, expat, and wannabe food blog. In the real life, we love pets, food and each other. We are not writers or photographers, but we want to share our experiences from Croatia, Mexico, and other lovely places. And food. 

Maja i Jaime | Mexatia


Hotelier, traveler, foodie.
She is Maja. Made in Croatia, shaped to fit perfectly to geographical sciences and hospitality industry. Likes to cook and try out recipes from all over the world, but likes to eat even more. She is quite familiar with expat life and until now she changed her address five times. Besides Croatia, she experienced life in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Dubai and Mexico. From all of it, she learned only one thing – there is nothing you cannot get used to. She is a traveler and wannabe photographer. Being too long at one place makes her anxious. That travel bug led her right to Jaime’s arms few of years back. 

Maja i Jaime | Mexatia


IT guy, runner, in love with Lota.
He is Jaime. Proud Mexican and IT expert. Spends days coding some cool things online and making this site look nice. He is in love with spicy salsas and the way we make BBQ in Croatia. Living in Croatia is his second foreign experience, after he spent a year studying in Spain. You can find him playing Xbox and bothering our dogs Frida and Lota. As a passionate recreational runner, his dream is to complete a marathon (and he did it in June 2016!). He gets easily distracted and he will never finish this text. 🙂

Current location

We are based in Zagreb, in Croatia where we arrived in September 2015, after spending a wonderful summer together in Mexico.

Favorite adventures

Tapas and castles in Andalusia. Cristal blue sea in Croatia. Beer and sausages in Germany. Tacos and pyramids in Mexico. Hiking in Slovenia.

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