Lovely little design Apartment Piazza in Rovinj, Croatia

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As a traveler and hotelier, I always have the most fun finding accommodation for the trips I took. There is something magical in discovering new cities and kinds of accommodation they offer. From the first glances on Booking.comHotels Combined and TripAdvisor to further and deeper investigation of hotel scene, my heart is filled with excitement and anticipation. Every new link I open with joy and expectancy, until I find a perfect match.

Not once I changed a city because of a wonderful hotel or lovely furnished apartment. As well I decided to skip some cities just because I could not find a nice place to stay. My rule is very simple – it needs to catch my eye. It can be pretty, stylish, elegant, traditional, old, new, green, blue, … but it needs to have *that something*. | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Apartment Piazza © Mexatia | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Apartment Piazza © Mexatia

When we first got an idea to organize a quick getaway to Istria, I did not plan a route. I looked for an apartment which is going to determine it. I found a stunning small apartment Piazza in Rovinj, Croatia, which immediately made my heart glimpse. I loved it so much that I booked it immediately. It seemed like a perfect place for our stay.

Rovinj was short 3 hours drive from Zagreb and right after entering the city, I gave a call to the apartment Piazza. The lady who answered, Franceska, seemed very nice and she explained to us how to reach the parking we reserved. Since it was our first time in Rovinj, I decided it is better to pay extra 5€ for apartment Piazza’s parking than get lost in the night trying to find parking where we can stay overnight. | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Apartment Piazza © Mexatia | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Apartment Piazza © Mexatia

Apartment Piazza is located in pedestrian zone right on the Rovinj’s main square. Parking is a little bit outside of the zone, around 5 minutes walking distance. Franceska walked us to the apartment and in the moment she opened the door, I fell in love. Every detail was in its place. The apartment was comfortable, elegant and, most importantly, functional. Here are our pro’s and con’s about Apartment Piazza and why you should definitely choose it for your stay in Rovinj. | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Apartment Piazza © Mexatia | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Apartment Piazza © Mexatia


  • Location – Apartment Piazza has a prime location on the main square, in the middle of all happenings and close to everything in the city. For us, the location was more than excellent. It was only a few minutes walking to the old basilica as well as the marina and numerous restaurants. We visited in October what meant that season already ended and the city was empty and quiet in the evening. Mornings were a little bit louder, but nothing that would bother us.
  • Design – I cannot find appropriate words to describe how beautiful this apartment is. It is evident lots of attention and love has been put into its decoration. Ever since we left, I’ve been wondering who did an interior design, because he or she did a hell of a job! It is beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, … I could not stop staring into a huge, flowery, stunning chandelier which dominated the apartment. Then I stepped into the bathroom and I was amazed by its mirrors and sink. Walls, bed, curtains, glasses, cups. Everything.
  • Comfortable – King size bed. A huge pile of pillows. Comfy blankets. Heaven.
  • Has absolutely everything – Even though apartment Piazza is not big (~40 m2), it has everything you need. Small kitchen with wonderful glasses, washing machine, beautiful bathroom, living room with smart TV and huge bed right next to it.
  • Lovely and helpful staff – Last but not least, Ms. Franceska was nice, polite and helpful. It is always nice to deal with lovely staff! | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Apartment Piazza © Mexatia | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Apartment Piazza © Mexatia


  • Location – Location on the main square can be a bit tricky during the season. I imagine it can be quite loud because just underneath you can find several coffee bars where people drink coffee since early in the morning and late at night.
  • Internet – WI-FI was not working that night. We were not able to connect, but since we were staying only one night, we did not bother them with resetting the modem and so. In case same happens to you, definitely contact them.
  • Keychain – Keychain has written apartment name on it. Try not to lose it, because the finder will easily know where he needs to go. (I strongly suggest to Apartment Piazza to change it!) | Stunning little Apartment Piazza in Rovinj

Overall score

We loved it! Apartment Piazza was everything we could ask for. Beautiful, functional and comfortable. We are definitely going to stay here again. Big recommendations!

Stayed in October 2015

Apartment Piazza
Trg Marsala Tita 8, Rovinj, Croatia
webpage | Booking | Hotels Combined

This is an honest review. The stay was not compensated.


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