No trip to Vienna would be complete without taking a rest in at least one Viennese cafés, drinking a coffee and eating some fabulous cakes. In this post, I will present two of my favorite places in Vienna for the things mentioned above. For me, there are the best cakes in Vienna. Yummy!

Café Sacher Vienna

Sacher cake is Vienna’s most famous cake and it originates and it is named after the Sacher Hotel. They still have the rights to call their cake the “Original Sacher Torte” and their cake is supposed to be the only real one. Of course, Sacher cake is sold in other cafés too, but that is not it. Café Sacher is located in Sacher Hotel at Philarmonikerstrasse 4.

Sacher is the super tasty chocolate sponge cake is coated with an apricot jam and covered with a shiny chocolate icing. It is traditionally served with whipped cream and a small glass of water (it seems that nowhere in Vienna you will get the normal glass of water, they will give you just small glasses with around 1 dl of water). They say the cake was born in 1832 when royal head chef got ill and 16-years old culinary apprentice needed to create the cake for the very important royal guests. The price for the one slice in Café Sacher is 4,90€. If you decide to visit this café, be prepared for a long waiting line and crowded place during the weekends. But it is definitely worth waiting because the cake is absolutely amazing! Here you can buy all the sizes of the cake and other different sweets like souvenirs too.

Link to café’s website and TripAdvisor.

best cakes in Vienna

best cakes in Vienna


Café Gerstner K&K Hofzuckerbaeckerei

At Gerstner’s I ate some of best cakes in my life! I don’t remember the names of cakes, but whatever you take – you are not going to be sorry. When we came in we were absolutely amazed by the looks of the cakes, but when we tried them we were happy they don’t have only the looks. The special recommendation goes to apple strudel. However, the waiters could be little more kind and the service was not so fast. Café Gerstner you can find in Kärtnerstrasse 13 – 15, in the vicinity of the cathedral.

Link to the website and TripAdvisor.

best cakes in Vienna best cakes in Vienna best cakes in Vienna


Where did you eat the best cakes in Vienna?


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