Traditional Zagorje


What Zagorje is? Zagorje are rounded, green hills filled with vineyards and cute wooden weekend houses. Zagorje are dreamy castles turned into educative museums. Zagorje is the place to buy homemade wine and finish your week enjoying thermal spas.


Croatia – country with thousand faces

Small country, they say. Small indeed, but so versatile! Can you imagine you could explore the capital and in an hour and a half you could already be swimming in the sea? 

Interesting cities

Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Pula, Osijek, …


Beautiful coast

Cristal blue water, stunning islands or bustiling cities.


Traditional countryside

The rural way of life, fresh products and smell of the hay


Exciting mountains

Karst forms and rich flora and fauna, all in less than 2000 m.

Croatian cuisine

Thousands of years of different influences created authentic and creative modern Croatian cuisine

Expat life in Croatia

How to settle in Croatia, survive the paperwork, find a job and enjoy life

First days in Croatia

Get used to Croatia, be a tourist, find a place to live, learn some basic Croatian and find your favorite coffee spot. Set up your roots to successful life in Croatia.


Get started

Learn what you need to do to get residency, find a job, open a bank account or marry with Croatian citizen. Get ready to fill out lots of paperwork.

Enjoy Croatian life

Long coffees with friends, summer holidays on Adriatic coast, drinking home-brewed beer while you are roasting lamb on a spit. No stress, that is Croatia. 

Newest about Croatia

Places  we discovered, traditions we got to know, food we tried lately


Look no further. Plan your trip today.