Pet-friendly Split: Dog beaches in Split, Croatia

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Pet-friendly Split: Dog beaches in Split, Croatia

Out travel to Split was our first trip with Lota, if we are not counting simple day trips. We were a little bit anxious how are we going to organize everything, is she going to be happy and what we can do in the destination. We opted for Split immediately after finding our there are several dog beaches in Split

It was perfect. We could take her to the beach (and hopefully she would swim) in the morning and spend afternoons exploring the city, while she is sleeping peacefully in the apartment, tired from the exciting morning at the beach.

Pet-friendly Split: Dog beaches in Split, Croatia

Dog beaches in Croatia have this sign

Unfortunately, there are no many dog beaches in Croatia and if you take your puppy to a regular beach, you are risking getting fined. While we were trying to find a dog beach, in Split they warned us they are really punishing people who bring dogs to the regular beach.

If you would like to enjoy your holidays together with a dog, make sure there is a dog beach around, or find some empty beach with only a few people. If there are other people with dogs, that’s always a good sign!

Beautiful dog beaches in Split


Right under the hotel Zagreb in Duilovo, you can find beautiful dog beach. It was put in order a few years ago, together with little tents for dogs and showers. Some of the tents are, unfortunately, already broken, but the ones left can provide a good shade for your puppy. The beach is typical Croatian, with little rocks outside and inside and beautiful, clean, blue sea.

Many people are coming here with their dogs, but, as much as we noticed they are coming primarily because of the dogs. For instance, we went there so Lota can be with us and swim if she wants to, but the point was going to the beach together. Most of the other people came so their dogs can swim only. 

Pet-friendly Split: Dog beaches in Split, Croatia


The following day, we went to the other part of Split – beach Kašjuni under the Marjan hill. I read there was a dog beach, but we had little problems finding it, because there was no obvious signage, until we reached the beach itself. The regular beach is on the right side and dog beach is completely on the left. 

You need to climb over few rocks (which is not so easy with a dog and other beach things), but this is the most beautiful dog beach I’ve ever seen. It has natural shade from pines, crystal blue water and lots of privacy. Several people were chilling and enjoying the time with their pets. It is smaller than Duilovo, but I liked it much better.

Pet-friendly Split: Dog beaches in Split, Croatia

Even though we put lots of effort in finding the right locations for Lota, she did not want to swim at all. We got her wet so she doesn’t heat up too much, but she preferred to sunbathe and throw herself around on the rocks. Lesson learned. 🙂

We are delighted to say Split has proven itself as a pet-friendly destination. We found the pet-friendly accommodation, restaurants, and bars easily and had no negative experiences. If you are planning to go to Split with your pet, we highly recommend it!



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10 Discussion to this post

  1. Love this! I would love to travel more with my pups but it seems unless I can drive there it is too much stress on the pups flying.

    • I totally agree! We always take her (or them) on shorter trips, with not too much driving and filled with activities appropriate to dogs. It is so rewarding.

  2. Naomi says:

    This is a great resource for people taking their dog! What better way than to take a refreshing splash with your dog!

  3. I think it’s pretty cool that you found dog beaches in Croatia, and that you were able to bring your dog along. Do you always travel with your dog, this is something I would want to do. I used to hate leaving my bunny at home because I was traveling.

    • We take dog(s) only when it is appropriate – no long rides, only car-travel and pet-friendly destination and activities. We also want her (or them) to be happy travelers 🙂 You could definitely take your bunny along, I know one girl takes hers literally wherever she goes – and she travels a lot.

  4. Joanna says:

    The beaches looks wonderful! I don’t have a dog but from time to time I take care of my friend’s dog, when their family goes on holiday. I live near the beach and I can never go there because dogs are not allowed. It’s great that Croatia has a different policy and that there are beaches where you can take your dog for a run and a swim.

    • I’m surprised there are no more dog beaches around the world! We do not have many, but some is better than none, right? I hope you will have your doggy beach soon as well 🙂

  5. got it! I’m so glad you are taking your dog travelling! I want to adopt a dog soon and plan on taking him/her on many road trips when I do 🙂 dog beaches are great, and its too bad that Croatia hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon yet.

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