If you are living or planning to live in Croatia, you will become familiar with OIB very fast.

What is an OIB and why do I need it?

OIB or “osobni identifikacijski broj” is a personal identification number given to all citizens and residents in Croatia, as well as foreign nationalities who perform certain actions in Croatia. It is similar to SSN (social security number) in the USA or to CURP in Mexico. OIB- is basically a mix of 11 random numbers.

To begin with, you will need your OIB if you plan to do anything where you need to identify yourself, in terms of opening a bank account, signing a contract for the phone or internet, applying for residency, you are buying a property of opening a business in Croatia. 

Yes, you can apply for OIB being “just” a tourist. Actually, you should apply if you are planning to do any of stated above. Getting OIB is easy and usually it takes only few minutes. It is completely free of charge.

Where do I need to go?

Here we are going to explain the process applying in person while you are in Croatia. There may be other possibilities to apply over Croatian embassy or with the power of attorney, but we do not know anything about it. For any other question, kindly contact Croatian embassy closest to you, your Tax office (Porezna uprava) or an attorney.

To apply for OIB in person, you need to pay a visit to Tax office. If you are applying in Zagreb, there is only one Tax office which is in charge for OIB – Porezna uprava in Novi Zagreb, Avenija Dubrovnik 32 (working hours from 8 am to 3:30 pm). For other cities, find Porezna uprava closest to you online.

How do I apply for OIB?

When applying for OIB, you need to come in person with your passport (make a copy also) and filled application form (which you can download from here – also “Expat in Croatia” made a lovely guide how to fill it out since it is available only in Croatian). If you have a local to help you, you can fill out the application there as well. If not, better prepare yourself in advance so fill it out at home where you can translate everything you do not understand.

When we came, the office was not busy and Jaime got his OIB in literally five minutes. Otherwise, you may pick it up later or even have it mailed to your home address in Croatia. 

How my OIB looks like?

Your OIB document will be one page, which can be cut in two parts. Upper part is informational and tells you what to do if you lose it, how to use your OIB and similar. Down part consists of your OIB, your name, year of birth and date of issue. This is the part you need to provide whenever asked for OIB (or you can provide any official document with OIB instead, if you have one – new ID, driving licence and so).

You can get a copy of your OIB document, however, keep it in a safe place. Take a photo of it and never give the original document, always make copies. If you lose the original, you should apply for the replacement as soon as possible.


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