„So, you are Croatian?“
„And your boyfriend is Mexican?“
“So how did you two met?!”
“Well… in Spain.”

That’s more or less how all the conversations about our relationship start. Allow me to tell you the story how I met Jaime from the very beginning.

I was lying on a bed and chatting on Facebook while Marcela was packing some things she bought that day. It was end of the October 2012, we were in New York City and the life was absolutely awesome. The TV was turned on news. They were saying something about tropical storm in the Caribbean which might turn into a hurricane.

– Maja, did you hear that?? What if the hurricane comes to NYC? – Marcela asked.

– Ahhh, don’t bother me with unimportant things, there is noooo possibility for that. I’m doing something important here!

Two days after, the hurricane came to NYC and we were locked up in our room at 9th floor. Dying from the boredom, we chatted with two Croatian girls who were in the city too and we decided to go out with them the night the hurricane passed by. That night I met a guy from Ecuador with whom I continued to chat after going back home and I decided to start learning Spanish. I chose the language school and, suddenly, I fell in love with the language. Somewhere around that time my visa for the U.S. was denied, the thing with him fell apart and I decided to stick with my new love and spend the summer in Spain.

It was August 2013 and it was our last day together in Madrid, the following day Marija was leaving back to Switzerland. To say a proper goodbye, we decided to go out that night and we changed few clubs before we found the one with latin music. Apparently, in Spain you cannot stand in the club alone more than a minute because someone will come to you and the next thing you know – you are dancing.

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He came when I really wanted to take some rest. I told him I don’t want to dance, he didn’t care much. I told him I don’t know how to dance, he said I should just follow him. I told him I don’t know how to follow (LOL) and he said…  well, he started to dance. He told me he is Mexican and his name is Jamie. I thought how weird, that’s not really Mexican name, but he even confirmed it. When we decided to leave, he took my number and messaged me right after he came home. “Hey it’s Jimmy, message me when you wake up”, he wrote. Who is Jimmy?! Apparently, in the club Jamie looked to him as Jaime.

Next morning Marija left and I met him in the afternoon. Would I meet him if she stayed? Probably no. Sometimes life just connect the dots and everything makes sense later. That day I had nothing better to do and I decided to spend some time with him. We ate something in a bar and walked around Madrid for hours. I remember the moment we started to dance on the streets of Madrid, out of blue. With all the royal palaces and castles around, I felt like a real princess. The day after we met again, and the day after too, before I left for Portugal.

But for some reason, he continued to write me. A month and half after, I moved to Berlin and he came to visit me. I didn’t believe he would be crazy enough to go to another country to visit a girl he spent three days with, but he was. The moment I saw him at the Berlin’s airport is the moment when all the barriers fell off and I knew I was totally in love with him. The days in Berlin were magical, we got to know each other better and decided to take a risk and started a real relationship.

Mexatia.com | How I met Jaime


I came to see him in Madrid the very next weekend, two days before he left for Mexico. Suddenly, we were 10 000 km and 7 times zones away. Like it wasn’t bad enough when we were in different European countries, now we needed to learn how to deal with new challenges.

I’m not going to say it was easy, but we both knew what lies ahead and that we will need to put a lot of effort in this relationship to work. We made it, day by day. Once I told him, there is no good days. The good days were when we were together. When we are apart there are only bad and worse days. And we need to deal with it every single day.

The worst thing at the beginning was the fact I had no idea when I’m going to see him again. I said to my parents I would like to visit him in Mexico and one day I found the cheap ticket. The moment I pressed buy button in the website was… a moment of true happiness! We had a date! It was almost five months away, but we had it. And we were completely sure we will survive those five months. Every single night, at midnight we wrote each other messages how the date we are going to see each other again is one day closer.

And the day finally came! Oh my, I was so nervous even two – three weeks before the departure date. Finally, I was in the plane on my way to Mexico. And I was so scared. Scared that is not going to be the same and we are not going to like each other anymore, that his family is going to hate me because I come from the different world and I look different, ah I was scared about everything. I didn’t see him for almost seven months. And then there he was, holding my coffee, Red Bull and balloons. I started to run and just jumped on him. He was here and all the worries just disappeared. We made it. And we are still making it while planning the bright future that is in front of us.

Mexatia.com | How I met Jaime

Mexico City © Mexatia

Being in this relationship taught me lots of things. But the most important one definitely is – everything in the world is possible. If there is a will, there is a way. If someone told me a year ago, I would be in 10 000 km long distance relationship with Mexican guy I met dancing somewhere in Spain, I would think that person is totally crazy. But now we are the crazy ones. Crazy happy. 🙂

Note: This post was written in August 2014. In this very moment, we are happily married and together.