Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays

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Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

You know the feeling of falling in love at the first sight? That’s exactly what happened with us and the Logar Valley. Browsing around, we noticed the photo of this Slovenian hidden gem and instantly we knew we need to pay the visit.

The Logar Valley (Logarska dolina in Slovenian) was the first station of our one week-long trip to Slovenia. Located in the Upper Savinja Valley, on the very border with Austria, this magnificent valley was catching lots of tourists attention. More or less every tourist who visited the region came because of this natural treasure and we did it too. We planned to visit many other locations, but the valley was indeed the main reason to come.

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia


On the arrival, we decided to explore Logar Valley’s little brother, Robanov kot, first. The neighboring valley is much less popular and less frequented. If you are visiting during the summer, you could be overwhelmed by a number of tourists in Logar Valley and decide to head straight to, nothing less beautiful, the valley of Robanov kot. Pretty tourist farms, dramatic alpine peaks, cute picnic spots and the tranquillity create a perfect ambiance for the sunny afternoon.

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Passion for nature: Hiking in Slovenia for total beginners | Mexatia

Passion for nature: Hiking in Slovenia for total beginners | Mexatia

The following day we drove easy ten minutes to the Logar Valley’s entrance. When I first found out about the valley, I wasn’t completely sure what it is. Was it just an open valley, a national park, a nature park, I was not sure what’s the deal. It took a little bit of research to find out this beautiful place was declared to be a landscape park back in 1987 and all the revenue from entrance tickets go back to the park’s maintenance.  

In many guides, we read there is a free parking in front, but we did not notice any and Jaime automatically pulled at the ticket’s office. Since we entered the park by car, we needed to pay 7€ – only vehicles pay the entrance, if you enter by foot, you can visit free of charge. We parked close to the entrance, as we wanted to explore the complete trail.

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

They say Logar Valley is the most stunning glacial valley in the whole Europe, and they are not wrong! Imagine the green fields full of dandelions, cute tourist farms serving delicious local food and dramatic alpine peaks rising above them. Splendid scenery, don’t you think so?

Once in the park, you can choose if you want to walk up the road or take a trail in the woods. We opted for the second option, as we wanted to explore the most we could. Next 8 kilometers of ascent were full of interesting springs, wooden huts, statues and wild animals. 

The trail was excellent, very visible and well-marked. The only doubt if we should continue appeared when we stumbled upon the fence in the middle of our trail. The fence itself was not a problem, but there were two ponies and a donkey behind it. Since I am a big animal lover, I did not even think they might not love us back… As a crossed the fence, Lota started to bark (she is an animal lover too, mhm) and they became kinda unfriendly. They began to stomp and came close. I managed to run away, but they did not let Jaime and Lota pass. They needed to hide and go all around in order not to get hit by the horse.

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

Besides that, the trail was great, we changed direction and crossed the road several times. After 8 km we finally reached our goal, Rinka waterfall, one of the highest ones in whole Slovenia. I must admit I was already quite tired and the final ten minutes were very steep, so I almost gave up! Lota and I had a seat next to the ice cold creek and waited for Jaime to come back.

He returned back all excited, saying I need to continue because the scenery was amazing, so I did. Together, we climbed up to the waterfall and admired the power and creativity of nature – just for the moment, before we started the decline. On our way down, we walked down the road. For the first few kilometers, we were in the woods, before we came out on the most beautiful meadow we have ever seen. 

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Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

The mountains were behind us, but the view was still equally magnificent. Even it was late September, the fields were still full of the dandelions. There was a small tourist farm right in the middle of that beautiful scenery. Suddenly, we became aware we missed some spectacular scenes on our way up and we realized it was a great idea to take a different path down.

The whole Logar Valley hike was relatively easy, but long. Sixteen kilometers later, we finally reached the car and drove ourselves back to the Ojstrica tourist farm in the middle of the valley. Tired as we were (as well as Lota), we did not want to walk after the lunch and, hey, we already paid the entrance.

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

Logar Valley, Slovenian hidden gem for active holidays | Mexatia

 It was chilly, but we still sat outside. We ordered our all time favorite appetizer – the cold platter with local meat and cheese produce. I don’t know if it was the view our the platter was the most fantastic one we ever had! The homemade sausages, hams, and cheese in combination with grapes and fresh bread were perfect to satisfy our hunger after a long hike. For the main dish, Jaime chose Wiener schnitzel with french fries and I enjoyed tasty mushroom soup with buckwheat polenta. It was a great dish for the chilly afternoon, enjoying the view of the surrounding mountains. 

Tired, full bellies and happy, we sat in the car and drove back to Solčava. An attractive village of Solčava was a perfect base for this trip. Our apartment in the tourist farm was cozy and sweet, there was a nice local restaurant only five minutes walk away, and Logar Valley was 10 minutes drive away.

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A great thing about Logar Valley is you can drive almost to the end of it and climb only to the waterfall if you wish. If you are more adventurous, you can continue hike to Okrešalj. This place is suitable for everyone and pet-friendly, if you are looking for one not so popular place to visit in Slovenia – that’s the one.


Have you been to Slovenia already? Which destination was your favorite?


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  1. leahshoup says:

    I’m seeing SO much about Slovenia lately! I’m seriously being sold to go there by your pictures 🙂 So good to hear that you had a good time and love the horse shots!

  2. Stop, just stop! This post is tempting me too much! I always wanted to visit Slovenia, and now…now I just wanna book a ticket and go there ASAP, after seeing these charming houses/chalets/cabins, ponies (!) and the amaaazing landscape.. And then there’s deli and cheese. Who doesn’t love that. OK, I’m sold.

  3. Meg Cale says:

    What a gorgeous place! That picture of you in front of the waterfall should be in a frame somewhere. This is the kind of travel that I love doing.

  4. melbtravel says:

    Firstly, all I am going to say is wow. I love hiking and this is the type of place I like going to, hidden gems like you said. I am surprised that more people don’t know about Robanov kot, the Logar Valley (little brother). With accommodation being cheap and the food being amazing, I am definitely keen to head back to Slovenia one day to spend more time. Lovely post

  5. I’ve been seeing so much about Slovenia lately! I love hiking but I also love the fact that you can drive to the end of Logar Valley and just do a short hike if desired because sometimes that’s needed 🙂 Thanks for sharing – great info!

    • We try to visit places which are suitable for everyone – the absolute beginners or experienced hikers, with little modifications. It is great to be able to choose the activity depending on your physical condition or mood. Thank you!

  6. natalietanner says:

    What a stunning place! We love to hike and think it is a great way to get out with the kids. Fresh air and no rules about being quiet, etc. makes hiking really family friendly. This spot looks just wonderful. 🙂

  7. I have never heard about this place … thanks for sharing. Which is the closest airport? And also, is the hike suitable with kids?
    Any specific gear that you would recommend to take along?

    • Logar Valley is only 90 minutes away from Ljubljana’s airport, it is suitable for everyone – we saw many hikers with kids and our small cavalier was happy there. Just take a good camera 🙂

  8. Nuria Vidal says:

    Didn’t have any idea that in Slovenia lies this beauty. As a mountain and outdoors girl and with your photos, I have nothing more to say than totally adding Logar Valley to my bucket list! Pinning it for later and thanks for sharing xx

  9. Pretty pretty! Can’t wait to visit there!

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