How did that happen?!

In one moment I was asking for the internship in Europe or eventually Mexico, in another moment I was going to Dubai! They sold a story about Dubai and they wanted my answer as soon as possible, but I couldn’t make an immediate decision on my own. I came there thinking about 6 months in Ireland or some similar European country or I was imagining myself working in some beach hotel in Mexico. For 6 months. Because that was school requirement to get a diploma. Because we have already planned what is going to happen after. Suddenly, I needed to say if I want to go to Dubai for a year, take it or leave it.

Maja goes to Dubai

Now is pretty obvious I said yes. I said yes because I could spend some time working in a world famous hotel in one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Maybe not beautiful, not interesting, not … – but definitely fascinating and constantly changing city. In the meantime one year became two, the hotel changed a starting date from October to September and I found myself packing again. They bought me a ticket, one way with Qatar Airways, with a layover in Doha. First I was thrilled because I wanted to fly with them. Then I was thrilled even more when I saw they allow 30 kg of baggage free of charge, but I couldn’t find how much they charge for a second bag. I called a local office and a lady (who had no idea about anything about the company and she needed to check somewhere how much they charge – like it is a problem to remember one number, shame on you Qatar – or better, shame on you Croatian workers) told me they charge 30 USD for every kilogram more than those initial 30 (!!). How to pack a life in 30 kg? How?? I already wrote about my packing problems, but this time, it escalated and I went straight to phase three.

Every time I get frustrated and sad because I need to leave something behind. For the fourth time in last two years, I am leaving my family, Frida and my friends and going to live in another country. From the U.S., Germany, Switzerland and now U.A.E. I am leaving everything again, why can’t I at least bring my things? 😥 Once again I asked mom to sit down next to me while I am trying to make a decision what to take and, somehow, I packed. | Maja goes to Dubai


It is hard to say goodbye, again

This morning I went to a bank to close my accounts. One more hard step because it means fewer connections with home. And what if somebody will want to send me money (like that happens, but hey you can never know  😎 ) and I have only credit cards?! Anyways, I went to the bank and the bank lady started to ask me questions why I am closing it, why I don’t want a new credit card, standard why this why that questions. I said I’m moving abroad and she started to be pretty pushy with questions like where am I going (this one was ok), where am I going to work and how much will I earn (seriously??). In the meantime, some random lady overheard the conversation and she started to cry, telling me how her two daughters live there for last 9 years and how hard is that for her. I hugged my mom while going out of the bank and told her “Mom, please don’t cry when you tell to somebody I am in Dubai.”  😕 Leaving is not hard only for those who leave…

However, over past couple of years, I faced with lots of challenges related to all that moving around and people calling me brave because I picked up my things and left. I don’t think I am brave, I just didn’t want to watch life passing me by, I didn’t want to stay in this country being unemployed and unhappy. I decided to rather be a foreigner wherever I go than be miserable in Croatia. It was a logical choice and I was not scared of it. This time leaving is a bit different – I am going to a completely different country, with a culture I’ve never met before, with strict laws, almost no alcohol, bacon, and prosciutto (oh prosciutto!). I have no idea what is going to happen, how I’m going to live or when I am going to come home for a vacation. Maybe in a year.

All I want now is to spend a longer period of time in one place. I am sick of moving, packing and saying goodbyes every few months. Everybody thinks how awesome it is to travel around all the time. It is, first few times. And it is, when nothing is keeping you in one place. Next two years, my home will be in Dubai. I am scared, thrilled, terrified and excited in the same time. But most important, I am packed!

Bring it on, Dubai!


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