Honestly, I was thinking of publishing a completely different post to start a new year. But yesterday I read about Melissa’s happiest moments of 2015 and it got me thinking.  What made my year? Now when 2016 is literally behind the corner, I want to remember all the exciting stuff that happened in 2015. Here are moments which made 2015 quite awesome!

365 days ago I was in Dubai, still trying to get used to new culture and lifestyle. I was meeting new friends and every day brought something new. I learned few words of Arabic, experienced my first sandstorm, drank the most expensive beer in my life and saw some incredible places of Dubai’s modern culture. But still, I was just waiting for the day I would go home.

Mexatia.com | Moments that made 2015 quite awesome

2015 begun in Dubai | Abra boat with my work colleagues 

Few days before my departure in May, when the temperature outside was already higher than 40°C, we went to a day trip to Abu Dhabi. It was so hot we could not sit on the sunny side of the car. Even we had A/C. That day I saw Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque, visited Ferrari would and had a cup of cappuccino with golden leaves in one of the country’s most exclusive hotels, Emirates Palace.

Mexatia.com | Moments that made 2015 quite awesome

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque © Mexatia

In a blink of an eye, I was in Mexico. After almost a year, I was finally with Jaime again. We spent summer discovering Mexico City and visiting Oaxaca and Puebla. This was the time we started to live together and we needed to learn how to make the best of it. We also did some “firsts” – I rode a roller coaster for the very first (and definitely the LAST) time and I saw Oaxacan manifestation Guelaguetza. And, I almost forgot! I rocked my Spanish class as well!

Mexatia.com | Moments that made 2015 quite awesome

We in Mexico © Mexatia

I got myself a tortilla press and I learned how to make homemade tortillas and different types of tacos and gringas. I loved to eat Mexican food, but most of the food we would buy was too spicy for me. We found the solution by making everything at home from the scratch. Our tortillas, with real Oaxacan cheese, sirloin meat, and homemade guacamole were just amazing!

Mexatia.com | Moments that made 2015 quite awesome

Homemade tacos © Mexatia

September came fast and brought another big change. We packed our bags and, on the way to  Croatia, visited London for a day. Another first for me, Jaime visited already. We strolled around the center, visited some iconic landmarks like Big Ben and London Eye and bought souvenirs for family and friends.

Mexatia.com | Moments that made 2015 quite awesome

We in London © Mexatia

October was the most exciting month for us! We got married and started the whole new adventure together! Jaime’s family paid us a visit to Croatia. It was exciting to have them here! I was scared they would not like Zagreb, but in the end, they were amazed by my hometown. I thought they got relieved a bit too because they saw Jaime came to a good place.

Mexatia.com | Moments that made 2015 quite awesome

Our wedding day © Mexatia & Fotkalo

The wedding was also a great opportunity for some friends to visit. They came from Switzerland, Dubai, Spain and Italy and once again proved that love and friendship do not recognize any distance. This kind of friendship is very valuable to us because it is very similar to our relationship in the beginning. 

Mexatia.com | Moments that made 2015 quite awesome

Friends from abroad visiting Zagreb © Queenie Liewpin

Only a day before we got married, I signed a new job contract and soon after I started to work in one of 5* hotels in Zagreb. It was my first “real” job in Croatia and it brought lots of excitement and new challenges. By the end of the year, we already got a bit settled, Jaime finished his first level of Croatian, I am working for a while already and he will start to work soon as well.

2015 was a year full of changes. Three countries, three continents. Lifetime changes and lifetime events for both of us. When we look ahead to 2016, we wish to have a bit calmer and steadier year. Probably we are not even going to travel so much. The year in front of us will be all about laying the foundations of our family here in Croatia. Maybe, from time to time, Jaime will run a marathon in some foreign country and Maja will learn some new international recipe. Most importantly, we will do it together, starting each day by waking up next to each other.

Welcome, 2016!