Can you believe we did not try even one single burger in Zagreb until a few weeks ago?! I had an afternoon shift when I started to have a weird craving for a burger. Weird, because I ate burgers rarely and I always made them at home. As part of my job, I learned a lot about good burger places in Zagreb, but I was never able to make a personal recommendation. 

That evening we decided to try burger bar closest to my work. It was fantastic and encouraged us to try several more all around the city. Here are three burger bars which, in our opinion, have the most amazing burgers in Zagreb.

Submarine BBQ

Submarine BBQ was the first place we went to. We chose the location in Frankopanska because it was close to my work – and it is basically close to everything else in the city center. It was warm summer night and everybody was sitting outside. We decided to come in and check out the interior as well – and good we did! I wanted to try their burger slider everybody is talking about. It is a combo of three mini burgers of different taste (classic, smokehouse and pulled pork burger) and an excellent choice for the first time. Or every time! Jaime ordered double smokehouse burger and we accompanied them with two portions of classic fries and cokes. 

They promote themselves like “all-natural homemade gourmet burgers”. Burgers are 100% beef and made from local meat. Lady who was serving us was nice, cheerful and professional. When the order arrived, we smiled. Look at that burgers! They were so cute and looked just amazing! 

I started with a smokehouse burger, which was a wonderful combination of flavors. I continued with the classic burger and left the pulled pork one for the end. What a mistake! I almost could not eat it and it was the most amazing burger I ever ate or I could even dream about! It was tender and sweet, mouthwatering. If you go, and you should, treat yourself with pulled pork burger!

In our opinion, Submarine has the best burgers in town. We loved everything and it is a total winner in our eyes! The combination of flavors, french fries, interior, service and, of course, pulled pork burger! I heard some complaints about the portion sizes, but when the waitress asked if we were in the mood for the dessert – we could not eat it. And I am always in the mood for a dessert!

Update: Their new menu does not include the pulled pork burger (what a shame!), but you should try delicious smokehouse burger and their homemade ice creams. We managed to fit it in this time.

Submarine BBQ
Address: Frankopanska 11 and Radnička 34
Web | Facebook
Total bill for 2: 153 kn (burgers, fries, and drinks) 

Restaurants we love: The most amazing burgers in Zagreb | Mexatia

Restaurants we love: The most amazing burgers in Zagreb | Mexatia

Papa’s American Bar

Again, I was hungry at work and, since it was a holiday, Submarine BBQ was closest. I gave a call to Papa’s asking about their working hours and decided it was a great opportunity to try out the new burger joint. Rumors say Papa’s burgers are the best so we came with big expectations. Jaime treated himself with Chicago taste burger, which was a spicy one (they say), and I chose house special Papa’s burger. The waiter recommended those two, and we listened, ordering as well one portion of fries and two Cokes.

When the order arrived, I knew I would not be able to eat more than half. Burgers were big, bigger than in Submarine, tasty and juicy. Jaime loved his burger but hated mine (the other half I could not eat lol), he did not like kajmak which he normally loves with ćevapi. Among this three burger bars, we must say Papa’s was our least favorite (but still very good!). More creative combinations of flavors and something innovative would definitely make us return. 

Address: Tuškanac 1
Web | Facebook
Total bill for 2: 113 kn (burgers, one fries, and drinks) 

Restaurants we love: The most amazing burgers in Zagreb | Mexatia

Restaurants we love: The most amazing burgers in Zagreb | Mexatia


RougeMarin was on my to-go list probably since the opening, but you know how it goes. I learned my lesson in Papa’s and, even we went for a quite late lunch, that Saturday morning I did not want to eat almost anything. We chose a table on the terrace and enjoyed the sun and views to their garden. It took less than a minute for us to decide on weekly special burgers (Jaime needed to take the double, though). 

RougeMarin was the only place where fries were included in the price. However, the price was quite higher than in other places, but that was fine since we choose the more expensive specials. When they arrived, we did not say anything for a minute. I never saw bigger hamburger than Jaime’s double weekly special burger. He needed to contemplate how is he going to eat it. 😀 My regular burger was also huge, but as I said – I came prepared. 

The food was amazing and so juicy I needed tons of napkins! But also it was too salty because of salty prosciutto (they needed to put less salt in the rest) and I disliked the unnatural yellow color of the bun. I do not know what they colored it with, but my fingers were yellow afterward. Please do not do it, your food is enough attractive and tasty without it!

Address: Folnegovićeva 10
Web | Facebook
Total bill for 2: 174 kn (burger weekly specials and 3 drinks) 

Restaurants we love: The most amazing burgers in Zagreb | Mexatia

Restaurants we love: The most amazing burgers in Zagreb | Mexatia

Three burger joints and three kilos later, we are happy to say we found our favorite burger place in the city. 

Where did you try the most amazing burgers in Zagreb?


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