Outdoor Museum in Parque Hundido, Mexico City

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Outdoor Museum in Parque Hundido, Mexico City | Mexatia

When I first visited, there was a park literally two minutes from Jaime’s apartment in Mexico City. I was passing by for almost two weeks before I decided to change my route and stop walking the streets only. I thought it was a regular park, but when Jaime told me it is also known as an outdoor museum I finally took a camera and went for a stroll.

It was raining the day before and I was pretty concerned the rain is going to start when I’ll be in the park, but I was lucky. However, the weather was better for sleeping than for taking pictures and parts of the park were flooded so my stroll was somehow limited. Even the weather was bad, I met lots of walkers, dog walkers and runners in the park.

Briefly, Luis G. Urbina Park is located on the border of Extremadura Insurgentes and Nochebuena colonies in the southwestern part of Mexico City. Because of its topography, it is better known as Parque Hundido (“Sunken Park”). In the past, it was the location of Christmas trees’ forest and after Avenida de los Insurgentes was paved and widened at the beginning of 20th century, the park was made. Nowadays, the park is popular among parents with children, cyclists, runners and dog walkers.

Outdoor museum in Parque Hundido

Since 1972, the park has an enviable collection of 51 pieces of pre-Columbian art which make it an outdoor museum. The art is distributed in various parts of the park, organized by five different sections and five archeological routes were organized: Mayan route, Oaxacan route, highlands route, Olmec’s route and Totonac and Huestec route. Each route has been marked with a different color line on the trails through the park (red, blue, green, yellow and purple). The art is relatively good preserved, but it is really a shame that almost none of it has a table with the explanation.

Besides the art, in the park, you can also find a Floral Clock created by a famous watchmaker from Puebla, a statue of Vincente Guerrero (hero of the Independence of Mexico), an audiorama where you can listen to classical music and poetry, children playground and paying bathroom facilities.

Parque Hundido is a great place for a short walk, run or just to spend some nice time in nature if you want to escape from chaotic Mexico City. However, as much as I heard it is not safe during the night when it becomes a meeting place for prostitutes, so limit your visits on a daytime only.
Outdoor Museum in Parque Hundido, Mexico City | Mexatia

Outdoor Museum in Parque Hundido, Mexico City | Mexatia

Location: Avenida de los Insurgentes Sur, Colonia Extremadura Insurgentes, Benito Juárez, 03740 Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, México

Great for: morning or afternoon run, relaxing stroll or dog walk

Fee: No


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 Outdoor Museum in Parque Hundido, Mexico City | Mexatia

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16 Discussion to this post

  1. wow. mayan history is so fascinating and i love that it is so well preserved. also like that it is for free!

  2. stace16 says:

    Wow your pictures are beautiful! Loving that park! Definitely worth a visit

  3. Wow what a cool park!! and all for free too. 🙂 Such a shame that there aren’t any explanations for the art though. That’s usually a must for me in any museum because even though you can look at something and recognize that it looks nice, it really takes things to a whole new level when you’re able to understand the significance/intention behind each piece. either way though it looks like a lovely place for a stroll!

    • I agree, but I’m not sure how easy would it be to put all the signage in a place like that. Remember, it is a public park in Mexico City. They may have been gone the very next day…

  4. Caitlin says:

    Looks like a great day out. I’ve never been able to visit Mexico, but I looooove the thought of seeing all the different historical artefacts, especially when they’re all over parks like this one!

  5. Mexico City has the most museums in the world!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying my country 😀

  6. Looks like Mexico and India are similar in a certain way. Here too we have quite nice places which are not well maintained and with nightfall they become hub for criminal activities and what not! Thanks for writing the post and letting us know about Mexico!

  7. Kathy - Walkabout Wanderer says:

    I love it when you discover something unexpected. I am so glad that you changed your route and was about to find this gem. I have experienced Mayan history in Guatemala and it is so interesting.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I’ve been to Mexico twice but never made it to Mexico City. How does that happen right? This looks like a great place to visit if I make it there one day.

    • Oh, easily! Mexico is huge, with so many places to visit! I’ve been there three times, and yet – I went to DF and Oaxaca every single time 😀

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