Restaurant Perivoj in Split, a seriously good restaurant

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Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

Split has changed a lot lately. Even locals say how it is a completely different city in comparison with several years ago. Tourists discovered it is an interesting city, not just a port where they would begin their island hopping.

When I stumbled upon restaurant Perivoj, I was very pleased to see Split got such a fairy place to eat. Immediately, I sent them a message on Facebook asking if they are pet-friendly and ended up booking a table for two (and a dog hehe) for our second night in Split. I must say I was looking forward more to this dinner than to anything else on the trip!

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

The evening was extremely humid and hot, but our table on the terrace was waiting for us. From the first sight, we were stunned by the looks. It is not only the restaurant, is everything you dreamed of. Restaurant Perivoj is located in old Split’s villa, which was reconstructed and turned into a magical place. The garden in front of the villa, with its fountain, decorations, and various vegetation easily catches everybody’s eye. In combination with tasty food, Perivoj became a “place to go” very soon after the opening. It was a perfect place for our romantic date night!

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

We decided to try the five-course tasting menu, which represents the culinary journey of Perivoj’s head chef Marko Gajski, one of the contestants of Croatian Masterchef and Tea Mamut, excellent pastry chef. What we particularly loved about it is the fact each course was completely different! Different by taste and ingredients, but so well balanced, delicious and served attractively.

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

First course – sea bass

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

Second course – prawns

It is not enough to say the food was excellent. It was divine. While I was reading the menu, I was surprised to see some ingredients combined together. When it arrived on a plate, everything was clear. Every single item on those plates was a piece of the story and, in the end, all the tastes combined into the wonderful rhapsody of flavors.

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

Third course – gnocchi

Besides the food and the garden, I must praise the staff as well. When we said we had a reservation, they immediately knew who we are (it must be because of Lota the dog!) and they escorted us to the garden table assigned to us. During the dinner, our waiter was just lovely!

The service was fast and new courses were coming in a good tempo. He had an excellent knowledge of the food he was serving, even when I asked questions about some of the ingredients – he solved all my doubts. He was nice, funny and friendly and made our night even more memorable. We enjoyed every moment and every meal.

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

Fourth course – lamb

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

Fifth course – dessert

Restaurant Perivoj is an excellent restaurant. We loved the food as much as the ambient and staff. The tasting menu was a great experience and we would recommend it to anyone! The restaurant is not cheap, but it is well worth it. Comparing to ridiculous prices we encountered in the old town of Split, we happily paid the price of amazing food and impeccable service in Perivoj. The amount of food was just right for the dinner – we did not go out feeling stuffed, but we definitely were not hungry. If you go, and you should, make sure to reserve the table, at least during the summer season.

Their pastry chef, Tea, is known to be one of the most creative chefs. If you do not feel like having dinner, you can stop by to try their cakes while enjoying a cup of coffee. That’s right, they have cafe part as well.

ps. Photos are not the best I have ever taken, I know. It was getting dark and I was in a hurry to eat. 🙂 For better photos, check out the gallery here.

Restaurant Perivoj
Slavićeva 44, Split, Croatia
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Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

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  1. Christina says:

    Looks like a good spot for a feed if I ever get to Split. I’ve heard Croatia is pretty cheap to travel around compared to western Europe. What were the prices like in this restaurant?

  2. misssmartin says:

    This food looks amazing! I love that they let you bring your dog as well, did she get any treats? I’m a sucker for pastry, so I would definitely be hitting up the cafe during the day!

  3. Clare says:

    Looks like a great restaurant. The food also looks amazing. Might be a bit out of my price range but maybe in the future a place I can treat myself to 🙂

  4. The sauces all look decadent and unique! I love that there is so much seafood there too. And the outdoor patio is great to take in the beautiful scenery while having dinner. I still have not made my way to the coast in Croatia, but it’s on my list!

  5. Oooh, I love tasting menus! Variety and doable portions. Happy to hear the serving staff is so knowledgeable. That makes all the difference in a dining experience like this.

  6. OMG the food looks absolutely divine. Every course looks like a piece of art. I bet it tasted good as well. What exactly is the dessert?

  7. Mina Slater says:

    I wish every restaurant had a tasting menu, it’s the best! I would order the tasting menu like you did for sure. The outdoor space looks nice and it’s so sweet that you were able to bring your dog along.

  8. Soraya @ Hello Raya says:

    This sounds delicious and looks like the perfect restaurant for a romantic date while in Split! I think I would have opted for the 5-course menu as well. What a great way to try a variety of dishes. Yum yum yum!

  9. I wish I found this place in Split! I found it so hard to find nice food there compared with the rest of Croatia. Looks lovely!

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