Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia

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Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia

Ah, these modern days. How many times did you start to plan the trip and then realized you will not be able to use Google Maps or search for the nice restaurants as you go because of the expensive roaming charges? We are so used to having the internet all the time, we tend to forget about that little fact while traveling abroad. Worry no more, Roam Free Ninja has you covered!

Your visit to Croatia now can be absolutely careless and painless. You can rent a cute, pocket-sized mobile hotspot and have the high-speed internet wherever you go. Many restaurants and bars in Croatia do have a WIFI connection, but if you are anything like us you do not want to choose a place to eat by that criteria! 🙂 

Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia

What actually is Roam Free Ninja?

Roam Free Ninja is a portable WIFI router which allows you to stay connected during your trip in Croatia. No matter if you need it for business or you just like to share your adventures with your friends and followers, Ninja will provide the service you need and – it will fit any pocket or personal bag! Don’t let the size fool you; it is smaller than a phone, but you get a proper internet and UNLIMITED service. Just what a modern-day traveler needs!

I met Ana from Ninja a few weeks ago over the coffee to find out more about the service and company, and we both agreed it would be awesome if we tried it personally. For three days, we had an opportunity to test it and play around with it. 

Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia

How does Ninja work?

Ninja is extremely simple to use. After choosing your pick-up or delivery point, you will receive the device together with USB cable to charge it. When the battery gets empty, you can plug it in your phone charger or computer for the fast charge. So, when you get the device, all you need to do is turn in on. On the left side there are two small buttons, just press the upper one for few seconds.

After the welcome message, in approximately one minute the WIFI signal sign will appear and your device will be able to detect the network. The network appears in the format of www.RoamFree.Ninja_xxxx (while xxxx is the number of your Ninja) and you can log in. You will find the password on the back side of your Ninja (numbers under the barcode).

If you are traveling with a family or group of friends, the great news is you can connect up to 10 devices. Phones, tablets, laptops, … you do not need to limit yourself.

Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia

Should I get one Ninja for my trip?

Yes, you should! You can buy a SIM card, though, but your internet package will be limited and on one device only (well, if you do not use your phone as a hotspot, but that is not a long-term solution). If you want to check you Instagram on the beach, write a new blog post or work while on the road or just enjoy the fact you can connect anytime – this device is made for you!

What we absolutely loved about Ninja:

  • You will be totally internet independent. 
  • Small and cute. Fits everywhere.
  • Easy delivery and drop off, wherever you want.
  • Easy to charge. We all use USB chargers every day.
  • No traffic limits! You can use up 20 GB per day at full 21.5 Mbps speed.
  • You can connect up to 10 devices at the same time.
  • You cannot forget the password. It is glued on it! 🙂
  • It works!

Do not forget nobody is perfect:

  • Not the fastest option sometimes. We used it during the cloudy day in suburbs of Zagreb and the speed went only up to 4 Mbps. The speed will always depend on the quality of the network (it uses T-mobile) at your location. T-mobile has the best coverage in the country, what’s great. 
  • Battery life. We used it moderately over three days and we did not need to charge it. If you use it during the whole day, make sure to have an external battery with you. It does not last forever.
  • Price. It depends on the length of rental and varies from 6.25 to 8.95 euro per day. If you are traveling alone, it can be a bit pricey option, but when you divide it among a group of people, it is actually very affordable. There is no delivery and return fee.

Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia

How to book Roam Free Ninja?

Visit Roam Free Ninja website, choose the desired dates and how would you like it delivered. You can put in the address of your accommodation, pick it up at the airport or Ninja’s office or even get it personally delivered in Zagreb. The payment can be done directly by the credit card or via Paypal if you prefer that option.

You will get an envelope with prepaid postage so all you need to do to send it back is to leave it at the reception of your hotel or drop in any mailbox. Can it be any easier?! 

Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia

Roam Free Ninja Easily Solves Your Internet Problems in Croatia | Mexatia

Our humble opinion is that Roam Free Ninja is the best mobile internet solution you can find in Croatia and we cannot recommend it enough!

I just hope they would expand their service to the bordering countries because it is like made for our road trips. Until then, head over to their website and make your vacation in Croatia hassle free!

Thank you Roam Free Ninja for giving us the opportunity to try out this fantastic service. 

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18 Discussion to this post

  1. Neha Verma says:

    It does sound like a very useful device in today’s age where you can’t imagine going around without the help of internet. Since you said it charges with a USB cable that comes with it, I guess it will be possible to charge it with any other USB cable of equal power as well. And it looks pretty compact. Will like to try out

  2. gtcookbook says:

    Very interesting option for travelling. Is it only available to work in Croatia? I’d be interested for work-based holidays when I need to keep on top of my social media, but usually I like to disconnect and enjoy my trips, then binge on instagram when I return to my airbnb or whathaveyou. Also, what is Croatia like for free wifi? I find that in a lot of places nowadays, the need for getting a SIM for travel is less dire.

    • Yes, in the moment service only covers Croatia. Maybe soon they will conquer neighboring countries as well 🙂
      In the cities, you can find many bars and restaurants with free WIFI, but that means you need to pay for drinks or food and probably do not talk with your travel companion for at least 30 minutes haha.

  3. kad8585 says:

    Interesting article. I run into this problem a lot abroad because my personal wifi is too expensive to use. This seems like a great option though. I must say, it is rather expensive but something I will think about if I ever go to Croatia.

    • Depends how much you need it. If it will earn you money, then it is cheap 🙂 If you will only check others Facebook – than it would be quite expensive hehe.

  4. onlybyland says:

    Wow, this is a great idea, although it sounds a little slow I’m sure they will improve the service over time. They need to get this business in other countries too! I’m sure it will expand over time too. Internet can be a problem when traveling, it looks like someone has finally found a solution.

  5. I love that it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. Being able to connect to up to ten devices also makes it super useful! I’ll def be keeping this product in mind if I plan to go somewhere without WIFI service! And thanks for walking us through all the steps to use it. Seems like a piece of cake! <3

  6. This sounds so handy! I’m going to be travelling again in the Spring, so this is something I would definitely find useful. I’d love to try this out!

  7. I hope to be in Croatia in 2019 if all goes to plan so I will definitely be looking into the ninja for my visit. Roaming charges are diabolical and it really annoys me how much they charge. I’ve used a tourist sim in USA and New Zealand which were much better value but had limited data. 20GBS per day is sensational! And I love how easy it is to organise.

    • Getting a SIM card is great if you do not need lots of data. If you plan to blog or work, then it sucks. It can be quite handy to have a Ninja in your pocket 😛

  8. This is such a handy tool to have when traveling. It is especially handy for someone like me who can be an OCD when traveling because I always have to check everything online. This would save the hassle of looking for businesses with WiFi connection!

  9. wanderingchocobo says:

    This is so great to know! I was in Croatia in 2016, but hopefully I will make it back. I was expecting this to be expensive for the amount of data you use, but for about 8 euro a day, that totally fits into my budget. As a blogger this looks like a great thing to have on hand for those moments i need to connect. Is this only available in Croatia?

    • Their service yes, but I am sure you will find other providers in your country if you search. It is great if you need to get some work done or purely stay online while traveling.

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