Our one week in Slovenia started with the exploring Upper Savinja region, located almost on the border with Austria. While the stunning Logar Valley is considered to be the most attractive location to visit in the region, there are many others attraction worth discovering. The breathtaking Solcava Panoramic Road is certainly one of them.

Solcava Panoramic Road is a unique way of discovering the most significant natural and cultural heritage points in Solcava region, along with admiring the breathtaking views of the Alpine peaks and astonishing valleys beneath them. 

Exploring the Breathtaking Solcava Panoramic Road in Slovenia | Mexatia



Where to stay in Solcava?

The road starts and ends in a picturesque village of Solcava, which we chose to be our base as long as we explored the region. We booked a room in a traditional tourist farm Štiftar in the outskirts of the village and we enjoyed every moment! 

The hosts were working mornings and they were not able to prepare the breakfast, so we got upgraded to the apartment with a small kitchen. It was a lovely gesture which allowed us to have a healthy, proper breakfast and ensure we had enough energy for all day hiking.

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Discover Solcava Panoramic Road

In the center of Solcava village, there is a crossroad with a sign for the Panoramic Road. If you observe well, you will notice a panel decorated with dragons right before you turn. The dragons are the symbol of the road so as long you are seeing them, you are on the right way. 

The road is passing by the highland farms producing everything on their own. You can stop by and try the whole variety of authentic and organic produce like milk, cheese, and jams.




Along the trail, you are following the story of Kristof, the shepherd boy from Solcava who is trying to find his lost sheep, asking the good people along the road for their help, as well as the young dragon Lintver. I’m not going to tell you the story about young Kristof and Lintver, but you should know it is a story about the relationship between men and nature. It teaches us about the mutual respect, living in unity with nature and how mysterious and uncontrollable nature can be.

Along twenty unforgettable stops (click here for the map), you will discover a big part of this beautiful region, like the Logar Valley, Robanov kot, Matkov kot and Podolseva, many highland tourist farms and breathtaking viewpoints. As it is visible from the map, there are three trails – green, orange and blue, to which are connected several hiking trails (dotted on the map).




The most attractive is the basic green trail which starts and ends in the village of Solcava and passes by many points worth visiting. We actually took this trail twice. The first time we went for a ride right after the hike in Logar Valley and, even we enjoyed the beautiful and sunny day in the valley, the surrounding mountains were completely covered with fog, clouds, and rain. Which we discovered, of course, only once we climbed up.

When you see the following photos, you will completely understand why we came back the following morning. The first two photos below are taken during our first (rainy) visit, while the third one shows the exact same location the day after. What a difference, right?




If you are visiting during the summer, you can easily organize your visit to some of the farms along the trail. We came out of the season and in the middle of the week, so there was not much going on. The 21-kilometre long Solcava panoramic road itself it was stunning enough to keep us entertained. It is easy to drive and in a great condition. Not the whole road is paved, but we had no problems driving even when it rained.

The most beautiful views you can experience from the Macesnik farm stop (number 3 on the map) – you can admire the alpine peaks right across you as well as incredible green valleys underneath and the lookout point at Klemensek farm (number 7) – the Logar valley is located right underneath.

The first day we continued the trail and completed the blue part as well. If you have some extra time, we definitely recommend visiting that part too. However, if you are in the hurry, you will not miss much because the green trail is incomparably more attractive. 




Solcava Panoramic Road is a must do in this region! There are so many “wooow” views that you will just need to stop more than few times. More than once you are going to feel like you are in the middle of a postcard, and you know what – it is like you are! Sustainable tourism in combination with such a marvelous nature is a true gem.

Which one is your favorite panoramic road you took?


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