In Split, you will definitely not be hungry. There are hundreds of restaurants and foodie places all around the city, especially within the Diocletian’s Palace. I must say we were unpleasantly surprised with the price of food in Split. Better said, we were totally shocked by the fact they charge 130 kn for plain pasta in the city center! Yeah yeah, you do not need to eat in the center or even in restaurants, but that’s just crazy. Soon there will be no domestic tourism because we will not be able to afford anything. Obviously, prices are high for tourists, but –sadly– locals say they do not drop when tourists leave… 

However, we did manage to find places we loved without getting broke. Places, which are not made only for tourists. Places, which are loved by locals all year long. Following our recommendations, you could eat all day, from the dawn to the dusk!

Split Food Guide: Where to eat in Split

Breakfast in “Kruščić” bakery

This lovely little bakery is recommended all over the internet and we just needed to check why. They are open only from 8 am until 2 pm and they have the most amazing homemade products! Yes, everything here is homemade and produced with love, in small amounts. They are the proof that putting quality over quantity creates spectacular results. Come early for the best products, because they tend to sell fast. 

Great for: daily dose of bread, yummy pizzas, sweet pastries and everyday breakfast
Location: Obrov ulica 6

Fast snack in fast food “Ciprianis”

If you get hungry during the day, or you would just like to grab a fast meal, head to Ciprianis. They have different kinds of huge pizza cut, which will cost you only 12 kunas. One if enough for in between meals, but take two if this is going to be your main dish.

Great for: pizza cut and saving money
Location: Oca Gabrića 43

Afternoon snacks and drinks in “To je to” – CLOSED

I stumbled upon this place on Facebook and when I saw they are serving Mexican dish chilaquiles for breakfast, I knew we will pay a visit. The owner is an American guy who, together with his Columbian wife, manages this friendly place full of Latin delights

We missed the breakfast, but we stopped by for a quick snack and drinks in the afternoon. Nachos with pico de gallo and cheese dip were great with their craft beers and margaritas. Margaritas they make are crazy strong and they would make you drunk easily! 🙂 People working there are very friendly and chatty so if you are in the need of a friend and tasty cocktail, go there!

Great for: craft beer, cocktails, Mexican snacks, if you need a friend
Location: Ulica Tome Nigera 2, just off Martmontova

Romantic dinner in Perivoj

Falling in love with Perivoj immediately after learning about its existence meant only one – we needed to treat ourselves and have a dinner there. And we did. The most amazing, tastiest and beautiful dinner. The five-course tasting menu was an excellent choice for our first visit. Each course was so different than a previous one – by the taste, ingredients, and looks. 

Next time we are coming to try all the cakes and ice creams made by wonderful Tea Mamut, new Croatian pastry star. The dessert within the menu was heavenly and it just circled the whole experience. That’s exactly what our visit was – an experience.

More about our time in Perivoj you can read here.

Great for: romantic dinner, cakes, and beautiful environment
Location: Slavićeva 44

Restaurant Perivoj in Split, yummy all around! | Mexatia

Dessert all day long at “Luka ice cream and cakes”

I read few articles about Luka’s place and they were all in superlatives. When you read about “the best ice cream in Split”, you must go and try it yourself, right? Since our apartment was conveniently located full 3 minutes from it, we just needed to stop by every time we went to the city or back home. And you know, they were wrong – it is not the best in Split, it is out of this world! The best and the most creative ice cream you ever had!

Every day, they produce something new. Do not be surprised if you do not find a flavor you tried yesterday – every day is a “fresh start” for Luka. We tried several flavors like lavender (tasty but confusing because it tastes like something you normally smell only), cucumber and peach (weird) and banana with caramel (absolute hit, Jaime went crazy for it). I just checked their page and saw their new fresh figs ice cream. That’s it, I’m packing my bags! (Joking. But when I say next time we are coming to Split only because of Luka and Perivoj, that is not a joke.)

Great for: the best ice cream you ever had
Location: Slavićeva 44

Where to eat in Split, our breakfast to dinner guide | Mexatia

Our gastro experience in Split was a great one and we can’t wait to come back to eat some more!

Did you try any of this places? If not, which one would you like to visit?



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